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Blowdrying used to be the only thing to achieve straight hair and looking back it wasn’t that fabulous! What we thought was sleek and straight is nothing to what we can do with straightening irons these days. I must admit that blowdrying is the step before using my straightening irons or heated rollers. But I must admit compared to the dryers we used when I was training to be a hairdresser – 13 years ago, the ones we have currently are so much better in obtaining a better finish.

The lovely people at Chemist Direct sent me the Remington Pro 2100W dryer kit to review, it is available for £29.99 and I think that is a amazing price!


The kit contains:  fast dry and slim precision concentrators, diffuser, paddle brush and thermal round brush all stored in a carry case.

It’s a  powerful 2100 Watt with ceramic ionic conditioning (which is what makes a smoother finish compared to old models) It has 3 heat / 2 speed settings and a Cool Shot button.

My hair is pretty long and I very rarely have the time to let my hair air dry. But theres a few tips I have to ensure your keeping your hair as healthy as possible when using one.

  • Towel dry hair by squeezing, don’t rub – this causes breakages and spilt ends etc
  • Use a good quality heat protectant spray
  • Start drying at the top of your hair near the roots and work down to the ends – always keep the dryer moving to avoid burning
  • Always point the dryer down the hair shaft – NEVER upwards as this causes damage and not to mention frizz!
  • Finish with a cold blast to close the cuticles and increase shine and I finish with a shine spray as well but this is optional and alternatively a serum or oil can be used sparingly

I found the dryer to be easy to use, not too heavy and definitely powerful for quick, efficient drying. The only negative would be that it could do with a slightly longer lead – but that probably won’t be too much of a problem for most people just my plug socket isn’t located right next to my mirror!

It is great value for money and I definately would recommend, if you want to check one out for yourself head over to it here – would also make a great present.



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