New year inspiration? Is it too soon??


When I think of New Year I think of Champagne and Fireworks…

I started thinking about Christmas in July! So I guess it’s not odd to be thinking about New Year now in October – and I do find that I don’t usually and it creeps up on me! You’re just getting on with organising the house after Christmas and trying to find new homes for all the presents and then all of a sudden it’s New Year! So I definitely want to be more organised this year.

What do you do for New Years Eve? I know that when you have children it makes it all the more difficult as you don’t like to ask anyone to babysit as it’s there New Years Eve too! So I have been looking at¬†new year breaks for all the family¬†thinking that it will make a compromise to still have fun, spend quality time with everyone and if the kids do get tired they could retire to bed but knowing mine they would manage later that me!

Or the alternative would be to have a house party and then we’re all in our own environment, I’ve found some amazing party inspiration on pinterest but not sure I want to deal with the mess!

But what comes after the party, a brand new year – 2014!

My little man will start school in this year, my teeth will be straight (hopefully) if I go ahead with the six month smile braces and my not so little anymore daughter will start Brownies.

I’m sure I will make another list before we get there but so far things I would like to do

  • Scrapbook the kids photos/memories so far! Still haven’t got round to this!
  • Go to Glastonbury Festival for the first time – we’ve paid our deposit and are so excited!
  • Finally decorate/improve every room in the house, so I can then restart the same the following the year!
  • I would love to go to the theatre again to see a big show as I haven’t done that for year

Are you planning on going away, staying at home or going to a party for New Year?



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