Are you a book worm?

I’ve been very busy trying to do a lot – mainly crafting and reading! Since starting cross stitch a month ago, I’ve added that to my fave crafts and have started another! I’ve also missed reading, so have already read a book in a few days! That’s my problem though I can’t put books down, I alternate between reading and stitching and whoops the housework goes by the wayside and I have to fit a bulk load of cleaning and washing when I feel guilty!
I think I’m going to have to schedule reading time in – like go to bed and read for a hour. I loveeeee reading – it takes me away to another world and I only hope my children follow in my love for reading. As a child I used to read constantly and I really enjoyed losing myself in a book as much as I do now although now I have different tastes – I do like a good vampire read and series are my downfall. I have read all the True Blood books and before Christmas I read all the A Shade of books. Now I’m just about to start the second book of the Delirium trilogy. What books have you read recently that you loved?


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    I need to read more, I love reading but never have time :( I think when I read more it helps my blogging too. Thats it… Im off to charge my kindle and do some reading.

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