The truth about raising puppies


Now everyone loves puppies, who wouldn’t?? They are bounding balls of cuteness that make your heart burst, but in reality the truth of raising puppies can be hard, really hard!!

There’s some things here to consider before breeding your dog that if you think you can handle then great, but at least you’ll be prepared!

Keeping Mummy dog healthy whilst pregnant – We think that dogs have a everlasting appetite but a hormonal dog whilst pregnant can go off her food and refuse to eat, which means keep trying food (obviously dog safe) that she will eat to keep her and the puppies healthy

Emergency surgery – Now in a ideal world a dog will give birth naturally to healthy pups, or the mummy can’t push them out/one gets stuck/comes out the wrong way and its a phone call to the vets no doubt at 4am in the morning and a rushed trip to the surgery for a emergency c section where sadly sometimes not all the pups make it and your looking at a bill around £1k

Making sure Mum eats and drinks well – They say to allow mum to eat as much as she wants, but what happens when she doesn’t want her regular food, she was eating fine before birth but now turns her nose up at it. Time to find what she wants to eat and it might be the case that she’ll only eat each thing once!! Oh and she refuses to eat or drink from a bowl, so it’s hand feeding and syringing water into her mouth!!

Keeping puppies healthy – So you’ve got some super cute puppies but they won’t necessarily feed themselves, you need to make sure there latching on and getting a good feed every 2 hours and not getting knocked off by stronger pups and you have to do this through the night too – 24/7 care for at least 2 weeks! So make sure you know where the coffee and the matchsticks are and if you haven’t ever done shift work – here’s your chance to experience it!!

Poorly puppy – What happens when you get a pup that just doesn’t feed? Well you have to bottle feed it every 30 mins-hour tiny amounts to get it’s strength back up and if it becomes dehydrated you have to syringe water into it’s mouth in between feeds too! So good luck with any sleep/life then! And when you do have a moment, your sterilising bottles and making puppy milk using powdered formula – just like for babies!

Maternal instincts – You expect mummy dog to have the maternal instinct to be careful around her pups and to clean them, stimulate them to go to toilet (yep they can’t do it themselves until 3 weeks old) and generally protect them and stay with them. But what happens if that doesn’t happen? Get ready to not only be making sure they feed every 2 hours, but making sure the mum doesn’t crush/step on/fling off nipple puppies, oh and stimulate them to go pee and poo after every feed – yep super glamorous job now, hey? Some mums don’t wanna know their pups at all and then the feeding is up to you then too, by bottle every 2 hours.



Pyrex need to sort it out! – Exploding Jugs!

On 30 June 2015 I tweeted Pyrex and was told to email them –

I am emailing as requested on Twitter about my Pyrex jug which was less than a year old that exploded yesterday on removal from the dishwasher and caused cuts to my foot, leg and hand as well as my 5 year old sons hand who was standing by.
I am shocked and angry as this could have been so much worse! People are under the impression that Pyrex withstand high heats which it obviously doesn’t!
I await your feedback

And I received this reply on 07 July 2015 –

Further to your recent email regarding the breakage of your measuring jug.
First of all may we say how sorry we are that you have had cause to contact us; we hope that you and your son are now recovering from the incident and apologise for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

As a company we take all customer concerns very seriously, and as you will appreciate it is difficult to comment without first having the opportunity to examine the product, could you therefore please pack the pieces very carefully and return them to us in order that we may give a proper assessment of the problem.

Once the article is returned to us it will be sent for testing and analysis, and as soon as I receive the results of the technical report I will contact you with the findings.
We recommend using a trackable method to send items back to us, such as Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Delivery, or a similar method which gives you a parcel tracking number.

We recommend this, because if items get lost in the normal post, we regret we are not responsible for any items not received here. Using a trackable method protects you if your item gets lost in the post, by enabling you to claim from your chosen delivery company.

Please keep a safe note of your returned parcel’s tracking number.

Assuring you of our best intention at all times.

My intial thoughts were anger, who keeps the broken glass for 7 days to await a reply?? Aside from the fact it so spectacularly exploding I had to vacuum my whole kitchen and subsequently the dishwasher refused to work afterwards as it happened as I was removing it from there at the time.

And on top of the fact they expect you to keep the glass they want you to pay for tracked postage out of your own pocket to ensure it gets there safe!!!

You only need to take to twitter to see in the last 2 months the same thing has happened to others!! I’ve gathered a few to show you below…


Surely this should be recalled? It’s safe to say I won’t be buying another Pyrex product again!!!


Sweets & Treats – The Making of Harry Potter


Warner Bros. Studio Tour will be inviting fans to come to a special feature dedicated to film food that will run for seven weeks and I was lucky to be invited along with my blogging wife Elaine to sample the attraction with other bloggers exclusively!!

It will run from Monday 20th July – Sunday 6th September and I throughly reccomend you go and visit – you will discover how the prop department moulded jelly snakes, decorated sugar skulls and piped ice cream sundaes.

A new addition to the backlot cafe will be butterbeer ice cream which was soooo scrummy! Which if I dare say it I think is better than butterbeer itself, but don’t tell Harry!

Visitors will be treated by some set makeovers with the Great Hall’s long tables lined with props from the Hogwarts feasts and Gryffindor common room will be dressed as it was for Quidditch victory scenes. In my opinion the Great Hall is the most breath taking set to visit and makes you feel as though you are there in the film.


Try your hand at spot the difference between real bakes and prop fakes when you can get up close to original artefacts and see edible treats be created. More than 300 litres of silicone were used to make the vibrantly coloured sweets in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, including Puking Pastilles and Nosebleed Nougat.


This was my third visit and I was also in awe of the death eaters scene and Borgin & Burke display as well as the amazing Hogwarts Express which were new addition since my last visit.

I can’t express how magical this attraction is as a whole and how lucky we are to have it and it isn’t too far to drive – even people that aren’t fans leave becoming one.

Click to get your tickets

When you visit, have a fab time and don’t forget to share your pics by using #sweetsandtreats